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This photo belongs to David McColm


Social Media Strategy | Illustration | Motion Design

The Challenge

Kokanee had little to no social presence on Instagram with limited budget and no media spend we were tasked with creating an online presence so the rest of Canada could experience an authentic #BetterUpHere mountain lifestyle

User Persona

Christina is 25 years old, originally from Kelowna BC. She grew up snowboarding on Big white since she was five. Currently, she's in her final Year at the University of British Columbia to be a nurse. She works part-time as as a snowboarding instructor at whistler on weekends which is just over an hour drive away. In the summer she's working in Vancouver as a bartender and like's hiking the mountains on weekends.

Carefree, easy going, loving, optimistic

• To spend more time on the mountains

• Graduate in the next year

• Move closer to Whistler


Daily Social Use


2 hours


1.5 hours


1 hour

Competitive Analysis

  • Coors is the largest mountain beer competitor, originating from Colorado, but lacks the Canadiana Culture

  • Coors portrays mountain lifestyle through the brand that resonates well with the audience. They have a distinct tone of voice as well as visual language through their imagery

  • Coast Mountain Beer is a Whistler draft that has the authenticity, but lacks the fanbase compared to coors

  • Coast Mountain captures the essence of living in BC by showcasing local events, people, restaurants and culture that feels authentic

competitive review.png

Social Strategy and Listening

After defining our users and listening through social channels we addressed our largest problem; how do we bring an authentic experience of the moutains from Toronto with a a limited budget and no media spend?


Our goals were to: 


Integrate user generated content to create an authentic experience for users not on the mountain.


To leverage Kokanee's mountain partners and establish a connection with the mountains and brand.


To tap into the existing love for Sask and and create big ideas that users would want to engage with.







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