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Expedia Canada

Visual Design | Branding | Illustration

The Challenge

Big World Explorer is a great incentive from Expedia to send its users on trips around the world in exchange for travel related blog postings and social content. Expedia asked us to take their existing content and translate it into an engaging story to inspire people to participate in the program. 

Copy Writer: Alex Bonder

Accounts: Sarah Vandersluis

Run a blog? Lover to travel? 
You'll want to join our network.
Our network is a place for bloggers of all types to come together and exchange travel stories through their posts.
Access new travel
opportunities each month.
We'll send you an email outlining offers.
Write us back, and you could be selected.
Take off on us.
Travel for free including flight, hotel, and activities, in exchange for travel related blog posts and social sharing.
Share your Big World Experience
Our trips send Expedia influencers around the world to capture and share their experiences through their social platforms. Big World Explorer acts as a central hub for users to connect and share their stories.
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