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Illustration by Michael Corpuz

KFC Canada

Visual Design | Illustration | Branding

The College for Chicken Knowledge

Do you ever wonder what's in KFC's blend of original herbs and spices? Us too. Unfortunately that's a secret for another day. However, The College for Chicken Knowledge will immerse you in a digital experience on how KFC farms, preps and cooks it's world famous chicken, hand-made by real cooks. Our site looks to put an end to the rumours about how KFC chicken is made. You can experience a step-by-step process of how we farm, prep and cook our chicken. Why don't you meet our farmers and cooks while you're at it? 

Copy Writer: Alex Bonder

Senior Art Director: Craig Brandon

Associate Creative Director (Copy): Heather Hnatiuk

Accounts: Terry Kuan

Colonel's Seal of Approval​
Our chickens are 100% Canadian farm-raised without the use of hormones or steroids and prepared fresh everyday. To demonstrate our commitment we designed three seals that are branded through our KFC kitchens and products across Canada.
“I was named Best Cook in Quebec for 3 years in a row. I continued to work diligently, and I eventually made it to the national (Canadian) "Cook Olympics" in Halifax."
David Audet
“I remember one time everybody at work came together in a big way. It was Father’s Day and all the chickens came whole. We quickly got out our knives and started chopping, everybody helping in any way they could."
Brian Jacobson
“I’ve been stopped when I’m out in public, wearing my KFC hat, by people who tell me that they have never had better KFC chicken anywhere else than at KFC Estevan."
Raymond Semen
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